The joining of two kindred hearts in holy matrimony is a beautiful thing to witness, regardless of the style of clothes, decorations and music that is chosen by the couple. Satin and lace or denim and boots, classical or country music, traditional or original vows, it matters not as long as true love and sincerity are present.

Phoenix wedding photographerThe most memorable wedding that I ever attended had few of the traditional frills that accompany most weddings. The bride didn’t come down the aisle of a magnificent church to meet groom. She wasn’t dressed in a flowing gown, face covered in a lacy veil. They stood together, hand in hand, dressed in their best church clothes. This wasn’t the first time for either of them. They had both endured the crushing pain of loss and had been sure that they’d never be able to love again. God knew better, he had brought them together at just the right time and he blessed their union, though a judge officially performed the ceremony and thanks to theseĀ phoenix wedding photographers every magical moment for these two where captured to hold on to for eternity.

They weren’t surrounded that day by a multitude of friends and family, just two of their very best friends, her sister and their kids. As they spoke those sacred vows, they meant every word, and they would never fail to honor them through good times and bad. They had no grand illusions of a perfect life, only the desire to blend two families into one and have a place they could all call home. It wasn’t always easy with four kids, lots of phoenix-wedding-photographer bills and very little money but they knew how blessed they were to have found each other and were always thankful for what they had, regardless of what they didn’t have.

It seems to me that sometimes couples nowadays focus so much on the frills of the ceremony that they lose sight of whats really important, making sure that a great marriage follows the wonderful wedding. Its a great thing to have a ceremony and a reception that we can look back and remember with pride. However, I learned from that memorable couple long ago that when God brings two hearts together, it matters little what kind of marriage ceremony takes place. It only matters that it does.